Traditional Moussaka recipe

For the Greek traditional moussaka recipe, rich layers of juicy minced meat, cooked in tomato sauce, spaghetti and creamy béchamel are combined. And all this is complemented by earthy herbs and spices that enhance the taste and pleasantly surprise your palate!

Grilled pork chop with Mediterranean olive salsa

Recipe for 4 people Preparation approx. 60 minutes Nutritional values ​​per serving Fat: 31.0 g Carbohydrates: 38.9 g Protein: 72.7 g Dietary fiber: 8.3 g Calorific value: 728.0 kcal 4 pork stick chops, approx. 300 g each 4 medium-sized tomatoes 1 green pepper 1 yellow pepper 1 green chili pepper 1 red onion 30 g…

Green smoothie

“Think about the vitamins!” Gladly! The fruity green with spinach, mango and avocado has plenty of them – and tastes great. Completed in 25 minutes difficulty Simple This recipe is Vegan, Fast, Brunch, Breakfast, Smoothie, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits Per serving Energy: 60 kcal, carbohydrates: 6 g, protein: 1 g, fat: 3 g 1Bunch of coriander greens (small (15 g)) 100g baby spinach leaves 150g romaine lettuce 1Mango (ripe) ½ avocado 1banana ⅔…

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