Cabbage stuffing fantastic foam

I do .. I put water in a large pot and as soon as it heats up well I have carved the cabbage around the stalk to release the leaves and I dip it inside.

500gram.minced meat

1 egg

few clones chopped parsley

few clones chopped dill

few fresh mint leaves chopped

2 large onions, grated

1 carrot, grated

3 chopped fresh onions

a little turmeric little oil salt and pepper

1 and half even punnet coffee Carolina rice

I mix all these well and at the same time I take out leaves as I boil them.

I take each leaf, remove with a knife the thick middle stalk and put stuffing – I put it by hand – and close first right then left and a roll.

Place the thick cabbage in the bottom of the pot and then in turn the wrapped stuffed cabbage.

When they are all done, cover with a plate, add 3 glasses of water, water, salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon of good butter – you can also add olive oil.

I cook for 30 minutes just looking to have plenty of zoumaki to use in the cream.

Once half an hour has passed, I drain them, putting the lid a little deeper than it covers, I tilt the pot and take all the juice.

We can take them out one by one but because they are hot they can spoil the shape I am comfortable with the lid.

Egg-lemon cream.

I put 4 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan and melt it over a low heat.

Once melted, add 7 tablespoons of flour and mix.

Immediately after I add the broth stirring quickly – about 3 glasses of water maybe a little more – we want a thick sauce.

Add salt to the juice of 2 lemons, stirring and finally 2 or even 1 egg yolk.

A boil and ready!

Serve by putting cabbage stuffing on the plate and cream on top !!!

They became fantastic !

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