Green smoothie

“Think about the vitamins!” Gladly! The fruity green with spinach, mango and avocado has plenty of them – and tastes great.

Completed in 25 minutes


Simple This recipe is Vegan, Fast, Brunch, Breakfast, Smoothie, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits

Per serving Energy: 60 kcal, carbohydrates: 6 g, protein: 1 g, fat: 3 g

1Bunch of coriander greens (small (15 g))

100g baby spinach leaves

150g romaine lettuce

1Mango (ripe)

½ avocado


⅔ l mineral water

100ml coconut milk


  1.  Sort out the coriander, spinach and lettuce, clean, wash and spin dry. Peel the mango, cut the pulp from the stone. Halve the avocado, remove the stone and scrape the flesh out of the skin with a tablespoon. Peel the banana and cut into large pieces. Purée everything very finely in a kitchen mixer with mineral water and coconut milk. Serve in a carafe. This recipe makes about 1.5 l smoothie with 10 servings.

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