Easy cheesecake without baking, made in 5 ‘. The recipe and all the secrets for the most perfect cheesecake with wonderful cream, digestive cookies and sour cherry sauce

Recipe ingredients
For the base
250 g digestive cookies
100 grams of melted butter (in room temperature)
For the cream
250 g cold cream 35% fat
100 grams of powdered sugar
300 g cream cheese (in room temperature)
1 lemon (zest)
For the sour cherry sauce
1 package of sour cherry compote
1½ κ.σ. corn flour

The most perfect cheesecake with wonderful cream, digestive mascots and sour cherry sauce, a recipe for easy cheesecake without baking, different from the one you are used to. Tasty and cool, with excellent texture.

Grind the digestive cookies in the mixer and make them powder. Transfer them to a bowl.

Add the butter and crumble with your fingers to make them like wet sand.

In a buttered 20 cm ring form, spread the cookie mixture and press it well with the upside down of the spoon so that its surface sticks and flattens.

Bake the cookie in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 10΄. Let it cool.

Alternatively, you can lay the biscuit base on the pan and instead of baking it, just freeze it in the fridge until it is firm and firm

The cheesecake cream
Meanwhile, beat the cream with the icing in a light whipped cream (not too much beating because it will tighten).

Add the zest and the fresh cream cheese and gently beat on low speed to combine.

Pour the cream on the baked and cold biscuit.

Place the mold in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour to freeze and stabilize.

The sour cherry sauce
Drain the sour cherries.

Put the sour cherry juice with the corn flour in a saucepan and, stirring constantly with a wire, let it set for 2΄-3΄.

Remove from the heat and add the drained sour cherries.

Leave the sauce to cool and spread it on the frozen cheesecake.

Freeze the cheesecake in the fridge for about 30΄.

Secrets for the most perfect cheesecake
- The base of the cheesecake can be put in the form and you can just freeze it in the fridge to tighten it, instead of baking it for 10΄. But this way it will become tighter and more compact. Baking it for only 10΄, it becomes grated, fluffy and very biscuit.

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