Very easy and fast:

 Greedy Pandora truffle tree, a perfect dessert for the Christmas period to be served at the end of a lunch or dinner but also to be served to friends and relatives during Christmas visits. These are Pandora truffles rolled in chopped hazelnuts, rape coconut and bitter cocoa and then arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree : scenically very tasty and incredibly good, everyone can take their own truffle of their choice among the various flavors. A perfect recipe even after Christmas to consume the leftover Pandora or the Pandora that you will receive as a gift.

Very easy and fast


With these doses you will get about 25 small truffles, then just divide the dough and form the balls in order to obtain the right number to form the tree.

Pandoro Tartufini Tree

  • 250 g pandoro
  • 200 g mascarpone
  • cup of coffee (or milk, liqueur)
  • to taste coconut rapè
  • to taste chopped hazelnuts
  • to taste unsweetened cocoa


They are prepared in 5 minutes and are delicious!


  1. Cut the Pandora into slices, then into coarse pieces and crumble them in a mixer with blades to reduce them to a rather fine powder. Add the mascarpone and mix it with a spatula, then add the liquid (coffee, liqueur or milk) until the mixture is soft and workable and not too soft.
  2. Form the balls, obtaining at least 22 to form a Christmas tree as in the photo, otherwise 16 a little bigger are enough. Pass them in the chopped hazelnuts, in the rape coconut and in the bitter cocoa making sure that they adhere to the external surface.
  3. Put them on the tray or serving plate and arrange them forming the tree, starting from the tip up to the base. Store in the refrigerator, covering with cling film until ready to serve and enjoy the Pandora truffles.

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