The cut with potatoes is a second full flat contour simple to prepare. It is a cut of beef, in particular fillet or sirloin (or the entrecôte) that is cooked on a plate, grill or barbecue in order to savor all the qualities of the meat. To cook the cut it is advisable not only to buy a good cut of meat, high and at least 3 cm thick, but also to follow small but important precautions that will ensure that the meat is tender and juicy without drying out.

The cut of beef can be served in different ways: with rocket and Parmesan which is a classic of the Italian tradition, or with mushrooms or you can be flavored to pink pepper, the green pepper or still cut with rustic potatoes which also represents a traditional dish. The potatoes are cooked separately, in the oven or in an air fryer; the cut of beef is cooked for convenience on a plate or electric grill but with indirect cooking you can also cook it with the barbecue. Finally, you can serve the cut into thick or thinner slices, certainly with a good extra virgin olive oil.

Kit Barbecue


With these doses you can prepare a tagliata for 2 or 3 people. The advice is to take a cut of at least 600 grams.

Sliced ​​Beef with Potatoes

  • 700 g sirloin of beef
  • to taste coarse salt
  • to taste olive oil
  • potatoes
  • 1 sprig rosemary


Follow all the tips for a great success.


  1. Leave the meat at room temperature at least an hour before cooking. It should be cooked not immediately after keeping it in the refrigerator. Get a food probe or thermometer that can also be used on a plate and that shows the temperature accurately.

The cooking of the tagliata is very delicate. If you proceed with cooking on an electric plate or on a grill pan (on the hob) it must be hot but not to the point of burning the outside immediately: consider that it will take time to be able to cook internally.

  1. Meanwhile, you can dedicate yourself to cooking potatoes following this recipe or this . Do not lose sight of the cut, the cooking must be checked. As soon as it reaches 37° -38° you can turn it and continue cooking. Kit Barbecue
  2. When the core temperature has reached the degree of your preference, you can finish cooking the tagliata by placing it on the sides so that it also cooks sideways. Then place it on a cutting board and sprinkle with ground coarse salt.
  3. Cut it with a very sharp knife without sticking it with forks or forks. Make slices of the desired thickness and serve them with good olive oil, next to the potatoes.
  4. You can cook the cut of beef in the oven if you have a probe that can connect to your oven in order to control the core temperature.

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